SCVNEWS – Nov. 3: Val Verde Residents Elect Benefits Committee Members

The Val Verde Community Benefits Funding Committee will hold its annual election Tuesday, Nov. 3, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. in the Val Verde Park poolhouse, 30300 Arlington St.

It’s the same time and place as the regular general election, but unlike the other election, a valid California I.D. is required to vote for Community Benefits Funding Committee members. Voters must be 18.

Five candidates are vying to fill three vacancies on the committee, which was created in 1997 to determine and oversee the use of funds provided by the landfill operator (then Laidlaw, now Chiquita Canyon) under the terms of a 1997 agreement.

Today the amount is approximately $350,000 per year, which the Community Benefits Funding Committee allocates to after-school and other programs for local residents.

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