Odor Mitigation

Complaints of any odors believed to be caused by Chiquita Canyon Landfill can be made to the South Coast Air Quality Management District via telephone at 1 (800) CUT-SMOG or 1 (800) 288-7644 or online at South Coast AQMD’s website.
Complaints may also be submitted to Chiquita Canyon Landfill (24-Hour Hotline at (661) 253-5155).

Updates on Implementing Mitigation Measures

Implementation of the conditions of the Stipulated Order is in progress and ongoing. Here are some of the most recent implementation updates:

  • Completed tasks:
    • DPW and the LEA have provided their approval for use of Enviro-Cover, an alternative daily cover material, on Cell 7.
    • Chiquita has submitted an expedited permit application to SCAQMD for the orchard fan engines.
    • Chiquita retained a consultant for the landfill gas collection system.
    • Chiquita returned for a status hearing in March 2021 and the Hearing Board approved the modified Stipulated Order for Abatement.
    • A consultant has completed the initial odor surveillance training and has accompanied all odor surveyors on their odor surveillance trips as required by the modified Stipulated Order.
    • Chiquita has selected its new Odor Control Supervisor and has introduced her to the CAC.
    • Chiquita has constructed a litter fence on the western ridgeline of the Landfill.
    • A consultant has completed a study of air movement around the Landfill and the report has been submitted to AQMD
    • Chiquita submitted and AQMD approved new Standard Operating Procedures, Odorous Load Profiles, and Key Performance Indicators.
  • Ongoing tasks:
    • Twice daily odor surveillance monitoring by landfill staff has started and is ongoing.
    • Adjustments to the use of Cell 6 for waste disposal, the size and location of the landfill’s working face, and the use of fans equipped with odor neutralizer are being made in accordance with the Stipulated Order.
    • Daily inspection of the tarp covers is ongoing.
    • Weekly inspection of the intermediate cover is ongoing.
    • Chiquita has started using the new ADC material.
    • Chiquita has been hosting its monthly community meetings.

Odor and Maintenance Logs

Reports, Permits, and Orders

View the original Stipulated Order for Abatement

View the modified Stipulated Order for Abatement

The Safety Data Sheets for the odor neutralizer used at the landfill can be found here. Approximately 100 gallons of liquid odor neutralizer and 65,000 oz. of powder odor neutralizer is mixed with 500,000 gallons of water for use at the Landfill per month.

Air Monitoring and Health Impacts

Air quality monitoring required under Condition 68 of the CUP is in process. The independent consultant retained under Condition 68 is working to obtain all needed permits and agreements from various Los Angeles County departments and other entities to install air monitoring equipment at five on-site locations at the landfill and twelve off-site locations in the surrounding community.

  • Consultant Reports Submitted to the CAC, TAC, or Any Government Agency as required under Condition 68 of Chiquita’s CUP:
    • No such reports have been submitted to date.
  • Quarterly or Annual Reports Submitted to the Los Angeles Department of Public Health or SCAQMD as required under Condition 68 of Chiquita’s CUP:
    • No such reports have been submitted to date.

Upcoming Public Meetings

Community Meeting
August 16, 2021 | 6:00 – 7:00 PM
Location: Virtual
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Community Advisory Committee Meeting
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SCAQMD Hearing Board Hearing Regarding the Stipulated Order for Abatement in Case No. 6177-1
August 3, 2021 | 9:00 AM
Virtual access information: Zoom link
(Dial-in: +1 669 900 6833; Meeting ID: 914 2934 2608)
Public comment will be received during this meeting


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