Good Neighbor

Chiquita Canyon has been committed to being a good neighbor to the residents of Val Verde, Castaic and the greater Santa Clarita Valley. As such, Chiquita Canyon takes great care and pride in its business operations to reduce potential impacts.

All employees at Chiquita Canyon are trained to handle incoming waste in the most environmentally responsible manner. Access to the site is limited to one entrance and all shipments to the landfill are tracked with scales and gate receipts. Incoming waste is visually inspected to ensure that only permitted materials are accepted for disposal. At the end of each working day, the compacted waste is covered to minimize odors. The landfill also has aggressive programs to control dust and litter.

In addition, as a long-time member of the California Adopt-A-Highway Program, we regularly clean up litter along a four-mile stretch of Highway 126 near the landfill. As a community service to Val Verde, we also pick up litter along Chiquito Canyon Road.