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Chiquita Canyon is Proud to Support the SCVi Charter School

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We were proud to once again support Scvi Charter School last night at their annual gala. We have a great partnership with the school, its students and families. We congratulate Steven and Doris Marie Zimmer, Dustin Lengning, Keith Faulkner, and the Lentini Family for their support of SCVi and significant contributions to the community.


Chiquita Canyon Welcomes CalArts Students to Find their Art Work

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As the sixth annual Found Arts Scholarship competition got underway, Chiquita Canyon welcomed the CalArts students to start looking for the pieces to create their masterpiece. This year, 18 students are competing for the top three spots with $8,000 being given in scholarships.


Chiquita Canyon Teams Up with CalArts for the Sixth Annual Found Arts Scholarship

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“This Found Art scholarship program with CalArts is a great way to artistically demonstrate the reuse of materials that have been discarded by society,” said Mike Dean of Chiquita Canyon. “Every year, we’re so impressed with the creativity expressed by students.”

Chiquita Canyon Landfill created the partnership with CalArts six years ago, with the idea being for the artists to demonstrate creativity using objects discarded by society at the landfill, according to the organizers.

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