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Chiquita Awards Found Art Scholarships to CalArts Students

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Chiquita Canyon and the California Institute of the Arts (CalArts) celebrated their fourth annual Found Art Scholarship Program and announced the recipients of more than $8,000 in scholarship monies. The announcement – which was made at a gallery exhibition featuring 2 dozen artwork submissions – marks the fourth year of the highly successful art recognition program, which honors local art students.

This year’s winners were: First Place, Anaeis Ohanian; Second Place, Miguel Ayala; Third Place, Juhee Han; and Fourth Place, Rachel Yezbick.

“Chiquita Canyon is committed to actively supporting and celebrating our community, especially young people,” said Mike Dean, regional vice president of Southern California for Chiquita Canyon. “We are pleased to have a wonderful partner in CalArts and proud at the success of the scholarship program. This is a great opportunity for us to give back to the Santa Clarita Valley, encourage young local artists, and support CalArts and its talented students.”

The Found Art Scholarship Program is designed to showcase the artistic creativity of CalArts undergraduate and graduate students. To be eligible for the competition, students transform objects found at the landfill into art; guidelines state that at least 80% of each piece must be comprised of materials collected at the landfill.

The first place winner received $4,000; second place received $2,500; and third place received $1,500. The Fourth Place scholarship was presented by CalArts Board of Trustee, Dave Bossert. The works were judged by a panel of representatives from CalArts and the local arts community.

“This is a very exciting partnership for us, because it truly highlights the creativity of the artist,” said Tom Lawson, Dean of the School of Arts at CalArts. “We applaud Chiquita Canyon for its continued interest and support of our young people, and we congratulate our students on their innovative use of materials to create a truly unique piece of artwork.”

Chiquita Canyon and CalArts will continue their partnership on the Found Art Scholarship Program, and will be launching the 2016 competition during Spring Semester next year.